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Sole Database

This a database of therapeutic methods, coaching approaches, and personal development tools that can support you in reducing stress, and finding more joy in your life. There is a myth that therapy or coaching means a talking session with a professional. Some people who do it this way fight for a change in their lives for years and there is no effect… The thing is there are a huge number of different ways to do inner work and each of us can pick what works for them the best! It is also possible to use more than one method at the same time! 

I worked on myself this way to solve the problems I had and build a dream life. I found it very effective in a quite short period of time while the issues I struggled with were very serious. I realized that there should be one place where we can be introduced to all the therapeutic and coaching methodologies and tools. I want to make the process of searching for what can support you on your journey to happiness easier! 

The ‘Sole’ (‘sun’ in latin) Database is a collection of interviews with professionals who shared their knowledge about the methods they use in their work. It is still work in progress. If you are a therapist, a coach or a facilitator, and you want to contribute, please contact me at cooperation.kasiamay@gmail.com.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach that has been proven to treat a variety of mental health conditions ranging from depression to anxiety to bipolar disorder and even psychotic disorders. It’s based on the idea that the way we think and the way we act affects the way we feel. Cognitive-behavioral therapy tends to be much more structured than other types of therapy.  Often, you’ll have practice assignments between sessions, such as worksheets to practice examining your thinking or activities to practice changing your behavior.  

Craniosacral therapy is a body therapy technique originates from osteopathy. The main point is a body as an integrated whole where everything has an influence on everything so every single element is as much important as others. CST defines health as the balance of liquids which manifests itself through movements inside and outside of the body. It means the circulation of the liquids and physical ability to move.

EMDR means Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. It is a very simple therapeutic method that simulates the state of mind when we sleep and we have intense dreams. This phase of sleep is called the REM and it is crucial for our mental health and our mood during a day. It serves us to process all the pieces of information from our lives – it deletes the ones we don’t need anymore, it saves the new ones and according to those, it changes the ways our subconsciousness functions and we consciously think.

Havening Therapy is a new form of psychological therapy which is suitable for individuals suffering from stress, troubling memories, or problems with mood such as depression and anxiety. It was developed by Dr. Ronald Ruden, a dental surgeon from New York, with a background in hypnotherapy and coaching. He became interested in the work of Dr. Peter Levine a pioneer in body-centered trauma therapies, who developed the Somatic Experiencing (SE) technique.

5Rhythms© is a practice of spontaneous dancing that for many people in or after therapy is a great way to release tensions, ground in their bodies and feel connected to others. It could be useful as a part of your therapeutic schedule or just as a way to enjoy your free time or have more sport activity in your life.

Safe place technique is about creating a safe place for yourself and trying to relax there to let your subconsciousness understand there is no danger anymore. The relaxation means you are focused on every part of your body. You scan your body a part after a part and your job is to feel how uptight you are and then try to let it go. Before you start scanning your body you are building the space. 

Sand play therapy is a Jungian therapeutic method working with symbols in a sand tray. The symbols represent the objects that we are surrounded by in our reality, for example, people, animals, trees. During sand play therapy a client creates an image in the sand that activates deep unconscious levels of the psyche. It can be used in a diagnostic or therapeutic way. The sand play result makes the client aware of their unconscious patterns, and the process of creation is a way to restore a new better state of being.

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