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Toxic Relations Support

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Are you trying to find a way to exist in relationships with abusive people? Or maybe you want to leave but it is not easy…?

During Toxic Relations Support Sessions we talk about what happens in your relationships with abusive people. We use your experience to find out what your needs and expectations are and how to communicate about them clearly. We plan how to react when you are not listened or the reaction of a person is violent. And we train how to set your boundaries.

I know how it is to struggle with toxic family and partners. You can find my speech about how to transform toxic relations below where I share my experience and tips. I also understand that sometimes the only possibility is to leave. I did it with some people, including my family members. 

Make an appointment to get supported in dealing with toxic people around you! Put the information about the preferred timing of the first session and your time zone in the comment section. I will contact you via email to make an appointment in 3 work days. One session lasts about 60 minutes. We meet via Skype, Zoom or Whereby.




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