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Support Session

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The goal of a support session is to talk about your story and your struggles. It is a safe space – free of judgments and advice. We talk as a survivor with a survivor, and this sharing when you can feel understood, believed, and listened has magical power. The pain is shared into two. We experience connection and trust. It is said: ‘The story has to be told’. Then we can find the meaning of it and start another chapter. It is called therapeutic storytelling. 

Make an appointment if you feel ready to share who you are and what happened to you. If you need, you can get to know me better before the meeting at kasiamay.com where I share my story. 

I know how difficult it is to tell a story of violence and struggles. I am a survivor of mental, physical, and sexual abuse. I lived with an alcoholic and narcissists. I will help you to open up, and in the end, we try to find the meaning of your story. I will answer your questions if there is something you would like to ask another survivor.

The session lasts about 100 minutes. We meet via Skype, Zoom or Whereby. Put the information about the preferred timing of the session and your time zone in the comment section. I will contact you via email to make an appointment in 3 workdays.


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