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Support Session

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Do you feel a need to share what happened to you? Do you have a feeling that a talk with someone who can feel your pain and understand your struggle could give you relief? It is a very brave moment when you decide to open up, show your vulnerability, share what is hidden at the bottom of your soul. Congratulations!

I know from my own experience that it could be a challenge to find a person you can feel trustworthy when you carry a lot of pain. You deserve empathy that a lot of people are not able to offer you because it could confront them with difficult emotions they are not able to carry. I know how hurtful it is when you don’t get the attention and understanding you need!

I provide support sessions because I have the honor of being a person many people have chosen as worthy of their trust. I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse and an adult child of an alcoholic. I experienced all kinds of violence and found my way to accept the past and create a good life. You can get to know me better on my blog kasiamay.com and on social media where I talk about my story and the way I build my dream life. I am a life coach. If I am the person you feel as someone who can support you on your journey, just contact me 🙂

What is the support session? This is a place where you can share your pain. It is a safe space. Free of judgments and advice. We will talk about what happened to you. I will help you to open up. If you are ready we can also talk about the things you can do to help yourself. The methods and tools that can be useful to you. How to find help. How to change something in your life.

Sharing with a person responding to your pain is something magical. You are finally not alone with your pain. You give yourself the chance to speak up for yourself. The right to speak about your pain. The opportunity to experience empathy and understanding. This way you teach your mind that you are worthy of attention, sympathy and you are important!

The session lasts about 100 minutes. We meet via Skype. During the order put the information about the preferred timing of the session and your time zone in the comment section. I will contact you via email to make an appointment in 3 workdays.


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