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Self-Care Training

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Do you want to be happier? Do you look for ways to build better resistance against stress and create space in your life for making dreams come true? The only way to achieve that goes through everyday work on the level of positivity in you. It means that you need a good self-care routine and habits that work for you well.

Self-Care training is a coaching session concentrated on building your individual self-empowering routine and creating a plan of how to implement it to your life.

During Self-Care training, we create a schedule of activities that fill your body, mind, and soul with positive vibes. It is all based on fulfilling your needs in four areas: emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. It also includes techniques that make you feel more grounded in the present moment and a plan of self-development activities.

Of course, making a habit is not an easy thing to do… We all have natural mechanisms to sabotage making changes. It is normal that we make decisions and after some time we just lose motivation. That’s why during the Self-Care Training you will learn how your way to build the self-empowering routine will look like and how to prepare yourself to stay on the track.

Self-Care Training includes:

  • preparing a self-empowering routine based on fulfilling your needs in 6 fields: emotional, physical, social, spiritual, self-development and grounding,
  • making a plan of how to implement the self-empowering routine into your life in 6 weeks,
  • creating a crisis plan for those days when there are no conditions to follow the schedule.

Forms to prepare your self-empowering routine and the plan of its implementation are included in the price.

The session lasts between 80 – 100 minutes. We meet via Skype or Zoom. During the order put the information about the preferred timing of the session and your time zone in the comment section. I will contact you via email to make an appointment in 3 workdays.


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