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Self-Care Planner + free course online!

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The ‘Self-Care Planner’ is practical guidebook to build a life routine where all your basic needs are fulfilled. It is important when you want to reduce stress, and have more joy in your life. And it is a basis for healing because difficult life experience leaves our human needs totally unmet. And until we suffer from the effects of violence, like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., it means that our bodies and minds scream that they need us to do something to feel better.

The book is divided into 5 workdays. You will find there information about how to build a self-care routine where basic human needs are met, practical knowledge and tips about making habits, and all the materials you need to follow the process.

It starts from self-exploration to check what you already do to fulfill your needs, and what the habits it is high time to change are. After that, it is time for a brainstorm to gather all the ideas about the activities you could implement in your life. Then you build a schedule for emotional and physical self-care. You plan everyday self-love and self-comforting practice. You take care of your social life and personal development. In the end, it is time to focus on creating new habits.

You can also join a free 5 days Self-Care Course in Less Stress More Joy Group on Facebook to be personally guided during the work with the book! The upcoming one is announced in the Events section at the fanpage Kasia May – Less Stress, More Joy

Everything you can find in this book, I created for myself, and I use it in my everyday life. I share it with you because it changed my life, and influenced my process of healing a lot. I believe that it can make a difference in your life, too!

Read about my mental self-care routine during Coronavirus time:


1 review for Self-Care Planner + free course online!

  1. Elise Montgomery (verified owner)

    Great book. I’m waiting for the course!
    Thank you, kasia:) Your support is priceless <3

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