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Gratitude Coaching

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The way you feel about what happens in your life depends on how you think. But some of our thoughts are so deeply written in our minds that we are not conscious of them. A huge part of our perception of the world is based on automatic subconscious judgments! Having less stress and more joy means getting to know how our mind works and building a habit of seeing the world in a more positive way.

During a gratitude coaching session, we recognize together the patterns your brain follow and we consciously pick what you prefer instead of them. We look for connections between events in your life and the positive effects. We answer the question ‘What did you learn thanks to that?’ and ‘What positive did you experience because of what happened?’. And believe me – we can find a great lesson and a lot of positivity in everything!

Why a session with me?
I am a happiness life coach with huge experience of working on my own stuff. My personal story is my power. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and an adult child of an alcoholic. I experienced life with narcissists. I had to change all my life to give myself an opportunity to be happy. I’ve been building my dream life starting from the point where everything was wrong. You can read about me at kasiamay.com where I share my story and my experience of working on myself.

But honestly, the story doesn’t matter. The emotions we feel and patterns our brains follow when we experience stressful situations or traumas are universal. The only thing that matters to make our collaboration effective is the trust and connection between us. And your belief that you can do it – you can build your dream life, you can make changes! That’s why I encourage you to get to know me a bit before we start the sessions. Feel me and your intuition will tell you if I am the person who can support you on your inner journey 🙂

I can help you to develop self-observation skills, and the ability to notice the positive aspects of everything, especially difficulties. Together we can discover a story of your life where everything is connected and happens for a reason. We will open you up to feel more positive emotions – the result of the work is being filled with gratitude and deep trust, and having less stress and more joy in life!

I use my own coaching method combining many approaches. The biggest inspiration for me is Carl Jung, body therapy by Aleksander Lowen, NARM and NLP. This is the work for those who are able to see themselves with self-distance and who are determined to make a change in their lives. One session lasts 60 minutes. During the talk, we use Jungian visualizations and NLP techniques. We meet via Skype.

To observe a difference in your perception of yourself and reality it is recommended to do regular sessions for some period of time until the positive attitude becomes a natural way of thinking for you. During the order put the information about the preferred timing of the first session and your time zone in the comment section. I will contact you via email to make an appointment in 3 workdays.


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